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Coming into contact with an energized conductor may lead to damaged equipment that would result in costly repairs or electrocution, causing life-threatening injuries.

The LOOKOUT network of voltage detectors detect strong electric fields surrounding high voltage conductors and fleet equipment using WAVi® Work Area Voltage Indication technology.

What Is The LOOKOUT?

A revolutionary way of detecting voltage. Keep your crews and fleet equipment safe through connected voltage detectors.

How It Works




  • Remotely turn detectors on/off

  • Select system voltage

  • Remotely self-test connected detectors

  • Monitor battery level

  • Rename connected detectors

  • Real time notifications when voltage is detected

The App utilizes the charger to communicate with the network of LOOKOUT voltage detectors - charger must be powered.

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LOOKOUT Operator Unit
LOOKOUT Operator Unit
LOOKOUT Equipment Mount and Claw
Equipment Mount and Claw Tool
LOOKOUT Fence Bracket
Fence Hanger Bracket
LOOKOUT 6-Pack Kit
LOOKOUT 6-Pack Kit


Technical Specifications

Voltage RangeSystem voltage from 4kVAC to 500kVAC (Do not use below 2400VAC line-to-ground)
Operating Frequency50/60Hz
Typical Warning Distance*3ft. (91cm) from a 4kVAC conductor (For more details refer to the instruction manual)
Communication RangeUp to 100 ft (30m) between detectors
Weight1 lb. (0.45kg) single detector
Dimensions6.75" Ø x 1.55" H (17.14cm x 3.94cm)
Enclosure RatingIP67

*Based on OSHA standard 1910.269 for minimum approach distances for qualified electrical workers

Ordering Information

LO-06LOOKOUT 6-Pack Kit61-----1
LO-P6ELOOKOUT 6-Pack Kit, Equipment51141--1
LO-06CLOOKOUT 6-Pack Kit, Cones61---6-1
LO-06HLOOKOUT 6-Pack Kit, Hangers61----61

Other kits available, contact HDE for more information

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